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Riser Buoyancy Modules

HOL-TEC provids comprehensive repair refurbishment and fitting service for all the major brands and design of Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules.

Our Engineers and Inspectors are available to visit clients on site where the extent of the damage is assessed and a plan of action for the repair is drawn up. We can provide a fast response team of Service Engineers, in most cases the damage can be repaired on site thus significantly extending their useable life, this is something that we always try to aim for but more severe damage may result in the module being transported back to our production facilities for repair.

Riser Buoyancy modules provide lift when sub sea and in doing so reduce the submerged weight of the riser joints, This minimizes top tension and stress in the riser during deployment and retrieval of the blow out prevention stack.(BOP).

The use of damaged buoyancy .ie buoyancy which is cracked and takes on water and or buoyancy which has sections missing means that the modules effectiveness is compromised, this makes deployment and retrieval operations unstable increasing stress and tension on the riser and associated equipment.

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